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Last Updated:   October 5th, 2014

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Welcome to Bruin Taxidermy 

Calgary, Alberta



Bruin Taxidermy of Calgary, Alberta, features the  Artistry of Wildlife Taxidermist Christopher J. Shandro. 

Experienced and Professional taxidermist specializing in all aspects of Taxidermy, including Birds of Prey, Upland game birds, Game heads, Life-size mammals, Rugs & Novelties, Remounts & Repairs, Pets, Exotics, Antler & Horn mounts, Natural displays, Taxidermy mounts, Wildlife Taxidermy, Taxidermy Items For Sale, including much more!

If you've harvested, found, or acquired some form of Wildlife, viewing Chris's finished projects is, in reality, a "Work of Art".

Received from 'Mother Nature' -- a fleeting glimpse of Wildlife, captured and preserved in such a realistic pose, that one would think it alive!

The skill and knowledge Chris has acquired performing the Art of Taxidermy, over the 35+ years has earned him the Recognition, Customer Satisfaction, and Self-Achievement which every Artist should strive for.

Competitively, but not overly priced, you will always receive Competition Quality Work, with particular attention to Detail, Accuracy, and Natural display. 







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