... All articles accepted at owners risk.

... 50% deposit required on all work except Custom 

  mounts, and Tanning, which requires 80-100% payment.

... Prices are subject to change without notice.

... All tanning done at owners risk.

... To obtain a copy of our 'Pricelist':

Please provide us with your...

... Wildlife Certificate Number
... WIN Number
... Tag & License Numbers
... Export permits
... Registration documents

ALL ITEMS are subject to be the property of BRUIN TAXIDERMY

... 60 days after notification of completion - if unclaimed.

... Interest/Storage fees will be charged @ 4.5% per month, 54% per year, 30 days after completion - if unclaimed.  Zero tolerance for delayed payment after Notification.

Damaged Trophies

Often capes or parts of horns are damaged due to the rigors of the hunt, and need extra care for proper repair. Unless the damage is extreme, we do not charge for this. However, if excess work is required, our shop charges are $85.00 per hour. The greater care the hunter takes with their trophy in the field, the more attractive the final mount will be, and not as costly. It should be noted that excess damage to some capes and horns are beyond repair.