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"Fly-tying Material" $19.95

A dozen large clean processed pieces of animal hair.

Enough to tie a couple million artificial flies.

"Pieces of Tail" $9.50

No two exactly the same!  "conversation piece"

"Regular Gift Certificates" $50,100,150,etc.
"Personalized Gift Certificates" $50,100,150,etc.
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Please include $2.50 for Shipping & Handling on each item if destination Canada or US.
All other Shipping & handling charges based on destination.

All amounts are in CANADIAN funds.

Please include your name, shipping address, and Novelty item requested, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the total balance due.

Prices do not include shipping. Money orders are our preferred method of payment. We do not currently accept checks or credit card payments.

Money orders, and photos of individuals can be sent to:

Bruin Taxidermy
252 Penbrooke Close SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2A-3P1

*Note: (Please do not send cash in the mail)

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery in Canada or US.

(Photos shall be returned with your order)

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