What can I do in the field to insure a beautiful mount before bringing the animal to you?

That's a great question, thanks for asking! It just so happens that one of the features on this site gives information on field care. Upon future visits, you can find the answer to your question by clicking on the ' Field Care ' link. For your convenience, just click on this link: Field Care.


I have just acquired a subject to work on am interested in help in stuffing a beaver. Could you give me some tips on what to do if you intend to stuff a beaver.
Would you recommend using a Dakota V DeFlesher?

I'm hoping your subject is a fresh spring beaver, and "yes" I definitely recommend using a power flesher, providing you use proper care and attention while operating such a tool.

- Be sure to take proper measurements before proceeding!

- Keep the hide flat, to prevent cuts, and watch your hands and fingers (the blade is razor sharp). Protective eye-ware is always recommended when using power tools.

Using a fleshing machine makes the necessary removal of fat from the hide quick and effective, and a must to provide proper salt penetration for later tanning.

For mounting, your nearest library is a good start when learning the "how to" in the art of taxidermy. 

Birds of Prey, are they for sale?

I am sorry to inform you, that all Birds of Prey are considered 'PROTECTED" by law, and are most definitely not for sale. The only way to acquire one is to find it as a road kill, or electrocuted, and then taking it to Fish & Wildlife in (Alberta) to obtain a permit to posses found dead wildlife. If your outside of Alberta; Please check first with your local authorities concerning found dead wildlife of any sort, for possible attainable permits.  

Chris, I shot a buck last year, that broke off one side. I was not able to find 5 of the points. It appears they were broken off in one piece, but unable to find after G1 back. Is it possible to make a mold of the side that I have and form to fit other side? It is worth the trouble, my first nice buck. Looks to be a 13 pointer with one drop, and about 19 1/2 spread.

Congratulations, but what a heartbreak! Helping you out, I'd suggest, you take the time and make him whole again! Making a mold of the complete side, will not work since its entirely opposite! You'll have to cheat by taking a shed antler and rebuilding it to match what you would think the other side would have been like. This is a fairly easy process which I've had to do many times when hunters wish broken tines from their deer they've shot, repaired. Matching the color can be a little tricky, but its fun to experiment!

All of the feathers on my jackalope fell out. Can you tell me how to
re-attach the feathers as he is getting very cold.  And I am pretty sure he
can't see out of one eye.  Can we replace that to working condition? Because winter is coming and he can't find the door to his pen with only 1 eye and bare skin. Please reply ASAP!                                   

I'll make him a little coat, and a pair of eye glasses!! -  THANKS JIM!  Har! Har!