Field Care: Skinning

                   Tips to help you get a beautiful mount!

*Freeze whole if possible.

*Contact us before your hunting trip for detailed instructions on field care!

Do Not cut throat!!!

Do Not cut brisket past back of front legs.

*Cut skin from underneath to avoid cutting hair. Avoid jagged cuts.

*Cut cape off well behind front legs.

*Remove head from body, while leaving approx. 6-8 inches of neck still attached to head. This will aid in acquiring accurate measurements.

*Freeze in leak proof bag until delivery.

*Freezing for long periods of time is not recommended. Freezer burn can cause hair alignment problems.

*If unsure how to skin, bring in the whole head. Skinning of head only, is included in price.

*Keep cape cool and dry.

*Salt hide/cape if necessary, after skinning or turning lips, nose, eyes, ears, and removing all chunks of fat and muscle.

*Record measurements -- Nose to front of eye, nose to back of skull, and circumference of neck, behind ears: After skinning! Record date animal was harvested.

*Set up appointment with Bruin Taxidermy!

*Place Kleenex in mouth and on mount area, to reduce blood stains.

*Close wings, straighten neck, and wrap in paper, forming a cone; An old nylon works well to protect feathers. [ Ask the wife first! ]

*Freeze bird in plastic bag.

*Make a straight, un-jagged cut 4-6 inches from chin to end of tail.

*Always make cuts from underneath skin.

*Follow cuts as shown.

*If unsure of skinning procedures, freeze A.S.A.P. Leave head and paws in for professionals.

*Follow instructions if you wish to skin your own animal.

*Warning: Extra charges may incur if not properly skinned and preserved!

*Skin head including lips, nose, eyes, ears.

*Remove all fat and muscles.

*Open paws to the last knuckle, and pack with salt.

*Cover skin side of head with 1/4" salt for a day or two; Remove and re-salt; Keep cool and dry.

*Do Not expose to heat!